Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics

Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics-Applications for 2017
Completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics will qualify candidates for registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) to perform Community Service as a Dietitian.

1. Prerequisites for admission to the Postgraduate Diploma

BSc Dietetics or a graduate of another recognized university who has been admitted to the status thereof (p114 CAES handbook)

2. Application details
Closing date for applications: 31 August of any given year

2.1 Students must apply via email to:

Dr S.M. Kassier

Dietetics & Human Nutrition

College of Agriculture, Engineering & Science

School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences



      Include the following information:

  • HPCSA student registration number
  • The form "Application for admission to postgraduate study", can be obtained via email from Dr. Suna Kassier, Dietetics and Human Nutrition.

Please note that although you may be based in Durban, the course is offered by the Discipline of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. Therefore you need to indicate on the form whether you are applying to be Pietermaritzburg or Durban based for the duration of your studies.

2.2  Graduates from other recognised universities (Not UKZN)

    Students must apply in writing for admission to the course and address letters to:

      The College of  Agriculture, Engineering and Science
      University of KwaZulu-Natal
      Private Bag X01


                    Send a copy of this letter to:

                     For Attention:  Dr S Kassier

                                                Dietetics and Human Nutrition

                                                University of KwaZulu-Natal


                                                Private Bag X01



    Once you have returned your application form to the Faculty Office, please ensure that the following is submitted to Mrs Kassier:
      • A complete Academic Record to date
      • Two testimonials, one from the Department where the initial degree was obtained and one other written by a school principal, latest employer or minsiter of religion.
      • A recent photograph, passport size.
        If a graduate from a foreign university, please submit the SAQA assessment of the degree together with course (module) outlines and course (module) contents to the Faculty Office.  SAQA evaluations of foreign qualifications can be obtained by logging on to the following website: 

           3. Syllabus

          The Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics consists of four modules: Community Nutrition Internship(NUTR711), Food Service Management Internship (FSMT711), Therapeutic Dietetics Internship (DIET711) and the Research Project (NUTR741). 

          4. Examination and attendance requiremts

          The Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics is awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed the internship of eleven months at accredited institutions approved by the University, and who have passed the prescribed examinations at the year end. The oral examination is based on the literature reviews and written papers on Normal and Community Nutrition, Therapeutic Nutrition, and Food Service Management are taken at the end of the year of study. The pharmacology mark is obtained from the test at the end of the pharmacology module.

          5. Course details

          The Diploma spans 46 weeks and is currently divided as follows:

            7 weeks Lecture Block
            8 weeks Food Service Management Practical
            8 weeks Community Nutrition
            12 weeks Therapeutic Nutrition
            7 weeks Research Project
            2 weeks Revision and Examinations
            2 weeks Vacation

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