Selected Publications in the Last Three Years:

1. Agiriga, A.N. and Siwela, M. 2017. Techniques Applied in Characterising Non-starch Polysaccharides in Underutilised Crops in Sub-Saharan Africa. Food Analytical Methods. DOI: 10.1007/s12161-017-0880-8. In press.

2. Agiriga, A.N. and Siwela, M. Monodora myristica: a plant with multiple food, health and medicinal applications.  American Journal of Food Technology 82130-AJFT-AJ, in press.

3. Daniso Beswa, Muthulisi Siwela, Eric O Amonsou, Nomusa R Dlamini and Unathi Kolanisi. Grain Quality, Provitamin A Carotenoid Profiles and Sensory Quality of Provitamin A-Biofortified Maize Stiff Porridges. Human Ecology. In press.

4. Adewumi T Oyeyinka, Kirthee Pillay and Muthulisi Siwela. In press. Consumer awareness and acceptability of bambara groundnut as a protein source for use in complementary foods in rural KwaZulu-Natal. South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

5. Ngobese, N.Z., Workneh, T.S. & Siwela, M. 2017. Effect of low-temperature long-time and high-temperature short-time blanching and frying treatments on the French fry quality of six Irish potato cultivars. J Food Sci Technol 54:507-517.

6. Unathi Kolanisi, Sharon Mkhize-Tebogo and Muthulisi Siwela. In press. Under-utilisation of indigenous chickens: A case study in Mkhambathini municipality, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  INDILINGA- AFRICAN JOURNAL OF INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS.

7. Govender, L., Pillay, K., Siwela, M., Modi, A. and Mabhaudhi, T. 2017. Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Selected Rural Communities of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa- Linking Human Nutrition and Agriculture. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 14: 17.

8. Adewumi T Oyeyinka, Kirthee Pillay and Muthulisi Siwela and Samson Tesfay. In press. Physical, nutritional and antioxidant properties of Zimbabwean bambara groundnut and effects of processing methods on their chemical properties. International Journal of Food Science and Technology.

9. Ntila, S., Kolanisi, U. and Siwela, M. (2017), Egg utilization and consumer acceptability of egg dishes prepared with commercial egg powder in rural Mkhambathini, South Africa. International Journal of Consumer Studies 41: 87–94.

10. Odunitan-Wayas, Feyisayo, Kolanisi, Unathi, Chimonyo, Michael and Siwela, Muthulisi. 2016. Effect of provitamin a biofortified maize inclusion on quality of meat from indigenous chickens. Journal of Applied Poultry Research 25 (4): 581-590.

11. Muthulisi Siwela and Eric Amonsou. 2016. Composition of proteins extracted from two species of leguminous Bauhinia grains. Cereal Chemistry 93 (6) 557-561.

12. Daniso Beswa, Nomusa Rhoda Dlamini, Muthulisi Siwela, Eric Oscar Amonsou and Unathi Kolanisi. 2016. Effect of Amaranth addition on the nutritional composition and consumer acceptability of extruded provitamin A-biofortified maize snacks. Food Science and Technology (Campinas) 36 (1) 30-39.

13. Feyisayo Adeola Odunitan-Wayas, Unathi Kolanisi, Michael Chimonyo and Muthulisi Siwela. 2015. The potential of crossbreeding indigenous chickens to improve rural food security and nutrition in southern Africa- a review. INDILINGA– AFRICAN JOURNAL OF INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS 14 (2) 195-209.

14. Elizabeth Mnyandu, Unathi Kolanisi and Muthulisi Siwela. Effect of indigenous knowledge-based (IKS) sun drying on the microbiological quality and safety of egg powders. 2015. INDILINGA–AFRICAN JOURNAL OF INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS 14 (2) 222-232.

15. Daniso Beswa, Nomusa R. Dlamini, Eric O. Amonsou, Muthulisi Siwela and John Derera.  Effects of Amaranth Addition on the Pro-Vitamin A Content, and Physical and Antioxidant Properties of Extruded Pro-Vitamin A-Biofortified Maize Snacks. 2016. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 96: 287–294.

16. Protus Simatende, Tendekayi Henry Gadaga, Stanley Jabulani Nkambule and Muthulisi Siwela. 2015. Methods of preparation of Swazi traditional fermented foods. Journal of Ethnic Foods 2 (3) 119-125.

17. M. Mabelebele, M. Siwela, R.M. Gous & P.A. Iji. 2015. Chemical Composition and Nutritive Value of South African Sorghum Varieties as Feed for Broiler Chickens. South African Journal of Animal Science 45 (2) 206-213.

18. N.R. Dlamini and M. Siwela. 2015. The Contribution of Indigenous Small Grains to Food Security, Nutrition, and Health in South Africa. Cereal Foods World 60 (4) 177-180.

19. Temitope D. Awobusuyi, Eric O. Amonsou, Muthulisi Siwela and Unathi Kolanisi. 2016. Provitamin A retention and sensory acceptability of amahewu, a non-alcoholic cereal-based beverage made with provitamin A-biofortified maize. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 96: 1356–1361.

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